Estate Planning

Area of Focus

Estate Planning, Succession, & Probate

  • Drafting of Powers of Attorney, Wills, Trusts, Living Wills  and Donations
  • Succession and Probate Practice and Procedure
  • Litigation involving:
    • Succession Disputes
    • Forced Heirship
    • Trust Formation
    • Rights of Trust Settlors
    • Rights of Trust Beneficiaries
    • Rights and Fiduciary Duties of Trustees
    • Trust Accounting
  • Long Term Care


If you need help drafting a will, opening a succession, forming a trust, or ensuring that long term care is in place for you or a loved one, our estate planning team is equipped with decades of experience to help.  Louisiana has specific and unique legal requirements that must be followed to draft valid estate planning instruments, such as wills and trusts.  Davidson Meaux’s attorneys and staff can help ensure that the legal requirements are adhered to and that your intentions are protected.

Our team is also equipped to evaluate existing estate planning and elder law instruments to help ensure that your or your loved one’s intentions are realized and that the beneficiaries and others are protected. Be it questions about the rights of beneficiaries and heirs or questions about the duties imposed on others such as a trustee, Davidson Meaux has a team of attorneys who can help answer your questions and provide guidance on the legal remedies available if necessary.