Bankruptcy Law

Area of Focus

Bankruptcy & Creditors’ Rights

  • Representation of Creditors in Bankruptcy Proceedings
  • Advice to Creditors Inside and Outside of Bankruptcy
  • Prosecution and Defense of Adversary Proceedings
  • Single Business Enterprise Liability, Alter Ego Liability, and Successor Liability Actions
  • Revocatory Actions and Revindicatory Actions


Though the word “bankruptcy” often suggests the inability of a bankrupt person or entity to pay debts (including judgments), this is not always the case. By asserting interests in bankruptcy proceedings, creditors have the opportunity to continue their pursuit of money owed to them by parties who are claiming to be insolvent. 

Our bankruptcy law team provides assistance to creditors dealing with financially distressed persons and entities, and in the enforcement of their rights, including security interests, mortgages and liens.

 In Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings, we seek to prioritize our clients’ claims. When you or your business find yourself facing a debtor who has filed for bankruptcy protection, the creditor rights lawyers at Davidson Meaux will act quickly to protect your rights.