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An Experienced Team Of Advisers And Trial Lawyers

Since the 1920s, the law firm of Davidson Meaux has been providing quality legal services to people in Southwest Louisiana and statewide. We have a well-earned reputation for putting our clients’ needs and interests first. Davidson Meaux conducts a wide-ranging civil law practice, with a focus on litigation in the areas of insurance defense and commercial disputes. We also conduct a significant transactional practice in matters involving business formation and growth, real estate, employment law and contracts.

A Tradition of Service

“Law, as the norm and guide for the relationship between men in a civilized world, is based on certain principles of right and wrong…which, though varying in methods and modes of expression remain constant and unchanged through the eons of time.” — J.J. Davidson Jr.

Our roots in Southwest Louisiana are deep. The founder of our law firm, J.J. Davidson Jr., played a key role in the civic life of our state, serving as president of the Louisiana State Bar Association and the Louisiana State Law Institute, and writing the articles of organization for SLEMCO, our region’s largest utility. The genesis of the present firm was a partnership formed in 1949 between Mr. Davidson and Mr. Richard Meaux, known as Louisiana’s dean of insurance defense lawyers. Together, they brought a level of integrity to the practice of law that is still the standard at Davidson Meaux.

Focused on the Future

Though we are one of Southwest Louisiana’s oldest law firms, in many respects, we are one of the most forward-looking. We are a technologically advanced, cutting-edge law firm that is focused on achieving our clients’ goals in a timely and cost-effective manner. For sound advice and skillful advocacy, turn to Davidson Meaux.

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