Collections Law

Area of Focus


  • Litigate Claims for Money Owed on Open Accounts
  • Collecting on Judgments
  • Seizures of Property to Satisfy Judgments
  • Actions to Unwind/Revoke Transfers of Funds by Debtors
  • Represent Creditors in Bankruptcy Proceedings
  • Advice Regarding Creditor Rights and Remedies
  • Single Business Enterprise Liability, Alter Ego Liability, and Successor Liability Litigation


While receiving a monetary judgment in one’s favor may seem like the last step in the prosecution of a civil lawsuit, there still remains the very important step of collecting on that judgment.  The post-judgment process of collecting damages can be full of twists and turns, and obtaining the assistance of experienced lawyers can help you navigate these challenges as they arise.  Davidson Meaux has provided assistance to clients over the past nine decades in collecting judgments by utilizing the many different means available under law to meet a client’s specific needs.