Davidson, Meaux, Sonnier, McElligott, Fontenot, Gideon & Edwards Announces The Firm Relocation

After 97 years at 810 South Buchanan Street, the law firm of Davidson, Meaux, Sonnier, McElligott, Fontenot, Gideon & Edwards announces that effective  April 15, 2024 the law firm’s new home will be located at 900 South College Road, Suite 100, Lafayette, LA  70503.  One of the firm’s senior partners, Jack McElligott, explained the move as follows:

“In recent months our senior partner, Jim Davidson, engaged with the firm to discuss potential future plans for his family-owned property where the firm was originally founded by his father in 1927.  The partners recognized that a modern law firm operates much differently now than when they started their legal careers.  I started practicing in 1979 and remember when we started using huge word processors.  How we practice law and the tools we use to do so has changed dramatically in the past 20 years and the firm was interested in exploring a new office that was better suited to serve our clients and our practice.  At the same time that we were exploring modernizing our workspace, we learned that the First Baptist Church was interested in expanding its school and that our office would be a good fit for their expansion plans.  This presented a perfect transitional opportunity for we as a firm and Jim Davidson and his family.  As partners, we are delighted to be moving to 900 South College Road, Suite 100, Lafayette, LA  70503 in the College Oaks Building owned by the Billeaud Companies.  Significantly, none of the partners have retired as part of the move.  Since I have been going to the same building and sitting in the same office since 1979, it will take a few trips to become accustomed to the new route to work!  We may be changing locations but our commitment to the community and our clients remain steadfast. We congratulate Jim and his family on the sale to First Baptist and we look forward to meeting our new neighbors and clients at our new office.”

Our law firm is excited to relocate to a more modern office suite that will accommodate current technology and offers greater amenities and convenience to our staff, attorneys, and clients.  While the members of our firm will miss downtown Lafayette and the building that most of us have spent our entire careers working from, we look forward to an office centrally located in Lafayette.