Practice Areas


Business and Transportation-Focused Firm

Davidson Meaux has represented primarily business, transportation, and railroad clients across Louisiana since the 1920’s.

Commercial Litigation

We represent businesses in litigation, working diligently to protect our clients’ interests and to achieve their goals.

Transportation and Utilities

Davidson Meaux has represented utilities, railroads, and motor carriers in accident litigation and regulatory matters since the firm’s founding in the 1920’s.

Employment Law

Whether as an employee, contractor, or business owner, the importance of understanding any agreement or contract cannot be overstated.

Bankruptcy & Creditors' Rights

Our bankruptcy law team provides assistance to creditors dealing with financially distressed persons and entities, and in the enforcement of their rights, including security interests, mortgages and liens.

Railroad Defence

Davidson Meaux has achieved great railroad defense results for its clients, dismissing many claims through motion practice and winning favorable defense verdicts at trials.

Environmental Law

Davidson Meaux handles a wide variety of environmental law issues and litigation for businesses and landowners.

Product Liability Defense

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Casualty / Insurance Defense

The successful defense of civil casualty and insurance claims has been the foundation of Davidson Meaux since our firm was founded in 1927.

Real Estate

Davidson Meaux provides a complete range of real estate law services to commercial property owners, developers, residential property owners, lenders and other parties.

Governmental Affairs

Our experience in administrative law enables us to quickly identify the key issues in any dispute and develop an appropriate strategy to achieve our clients’ goals.

Admiralty & Marine

The attorneys at Davidson Meaux understand the intricacies of admiralty law and represent a wide range of maritime and admiralty clients.

Estate Planning, Succession, & Probate

If you need help drafting a will, opening a succession, forming a trust, or ensuring that long term care is in place for you or a loved one, our estate planning team is equipped with decades of experience to help.


While receiving a monetary judgment in one’s favor may seem like the last step in the prosecution of a civil lawsuit, there still remains the very important step of collecting on that judgment.

Business Law & Contracts

Business owners, entrepreneurs and investors face many challenges when deciding how to make the most of business opportunities while minimizing potential liabilities.