Environmental/Oil Field Remediation

Louisiana Oil Field Remediation Attorneys

Many property owners in Louisiana have sold oil and gas exploration rights to drilling companies, only to have those companies despoil their land and pollute their water.

As a landowner, you have rights under Louisiana Act 312 and other laws. If you leased your land for exploration purposes and the drilling company damaged the surface of your land or the water table, you may be able to recover damages and have the drilling company pay for remedial measures to restore your land.

Protecting Your Rights, Restoring Your Land

Davidson Meaux is an experienced litigation law firm that vigorously represents property owners whose land has been damaged during oil and gas exploration activities. Our goal in every case is to obtain full compensation for our clients’ losses, including the costs of remediating the land.

When you retain us to represent you, we will act quickly to protect your rights and ability to obtain compensation. Our attorneys can prepare and file a notice of intent to investigate the environmental damage to your land. This gives us one year to conduct site testing and take soil and water samples to perfect your claim. We will also follow the investigation undertaken by the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources to ensure that your rights are protected and that the Department is fully informed of the losses you have suffered.

Compensation In Oil And Gas Field Legacy Cases

Often, defendant drilling companies will admit to limited liability that prevents the imposition of punitive damages. However, if the defendant does not do so and we win your case, you may be entitled to punitive damages as well as damages for the costs of land cleanup and other financial losses. The oil field land owner lawyers at Davidson Meaux will work diligently to obtain full compensation for you.

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